Woodworking magazine

Woodworking magazine: I worked as the feature writer and photographer on the Woodworking magazine for a number of years and in all that time the first image is my only front cover, needless to say I was thrilled!       

Roger Troughton profile

Roger Troughton article page 1 (view / download as pdf) Roger Troughton page 2 (view / download as pdf)     

Vadek Hyrneczzo interview

For two years I worked on the Berwickshire News and Advertiser writing a Personality Profile column every week. The interview I did with Vadek Hyrneczzo haunts me to this day.  He was such a lovely man yet had been through horrendous experiences.  It still makes me cry when I read this feature and it never fails to put my life …

Vivienne Tregidga

When I started working on the Berwickshire News and Advertiser as their feature writer and columnist the Editor didn’t like my name! Saying that Tregidga was too difficult and he wanted me to create a pen name!  I had to think quick and blurted out “my middle name is Nicola and my mother’s maiden name is Armstrong.”  “OK” he said, …

Seattle Crafts magazine

  This was my first article of many that was published in a Seattle crafts magazine. Seattle magazine (view / download article as a pdf)  

Home and Country magazine

Home & Country magazine: Front cover and ‘Still of the night’ article. badger Hom&Country 001 (view / download article as pdf)