Crisis Management

Impact 108 Crisis Management Cumbria 2Through no fault of your own, things might happen that can affect your business in a negative way. They may even have the potential to put you out of business if not handled correctly.

If you do not have a Crisis Management Strategy how can you deal with the situation in a way that will not be detrimental?

Here at Impact 108, We help you create and implement a strategy that will mitigate the risks and even turn a negative into a positive. In a crisis, social media can either be your worst enemy or your greatest asset.

Fire Fighting

It might be that a crisis has already hit and you suddenly find yourself thrown in at the deep end.

It’s not too late to call us in.  We work in total confidence with the best interest of our clients as our priority.

As outsiders, we can take a fresh approach to the situation and help you manoeuvre through the crisis to reduce the impact. Crisis management is our specialty.

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