Make Waves with Brand Impact 108We all recognise the strong BRANDS like Virgin and Coca Cola, and think that they were born that strong, that big.  That is not the case.  They all started from an idea, a concept, a new product, they all had to start from scratch.
Their recognisable branding is what keeps them top of people’s mind, and ensures they are now household names.
To create a strong BRAND requires a strong determined driver at the helm who can place the BRAND correctly and then shout about it to an audience who will appreciate and enjoy it.
Your BRAND is your product be that a biscuit, a drink, a holiday or an accountant.
This all sounds simple but branding is extremely complex, and it is why there are BRAND managers who spend their life ensuring that the strong BRAND they have created stays in top position.
Your BRAND is not only the logo and type face. It is also the ethos of your company and product, the product itself, the people i.e. YOU and partners and staff, the way you treat your customers, the way you deal with suppliers, the sound of your company, the colour and the feel of your company. Branding is integral to everything you are as a business – internal and external.
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