Impact 108 Vivienne TregidgaWho I am, and what I can do for you

Grabbing the attention of anyone these days is extraordinarily difficult as attention span has shrunk to less than around 5 seconds!

We know ourselves how difficult it is to read every article or email, and even every update on social media in order to keep ourselves ahead of the game.  With the best will in the world it’s just impossible to keep up with the amount of information bombarding us today.  There simply isn’t enough time.

I specialise in finding out what is going to work for your business and applying a workable strategy that I can identify and/or run for you.

About Me


My extensive experience in commercial life allows me to balance my time between working to support business with consultancy (including strategic advice to move forward), and working with charities that are important to me. I am currently helping two local charities:

Florence Mine Arts Centre in Egremont: I am on the board of directors helping them to become more visible and create a strong business strategy that is enabling them to move forwards and grow the centre.

Impact 108 Florence Mine Director Vivienne Tregidga

“Since Vivienne joined the Board of Directors at the Florence Arts Centre we have seen our income more than double and in 2016 we are on track to be even more successful. Having someone of this calibre on our committee has helped us move forwards and we are now feeling confident at being able to become financially secure from new initiatives and business opportunities”. Angela Strange, Board of Directors Florence Mine

West Cumbria Dyslexia Association: I am on the committee and have been supporting them by creating their first ever website and organising events that bring them in front of funders.  I also support them with my expertise whilst they create a valuable training programme for businesses.

West Cumbria Dyslexia Assoc supported by Vivienne Tregidga Impact 108

“The members of West Cumbria Dyslexia Association are very grateful to Impact 108 for helping us set up a new website and providing continued support.  Without their expertise I don’t think it would have got off the ground.

Vivienne at Impact 108 has also been generous with her knowledge and time to spread information and news, designing flyers and sending them to a wide range of people, helping with all our marketing material.  Also encouraging us to be more adventurous when planning AGMs and other events, exploring new ideas and then helping to develop them.  All of this has been a great help to our small group of volunteers.”

Anne MacKenzie, West Cumbria Dyslexia Association Treasurer.